Online casinos in Canada

Online casinos are widely available and very popular in Canada. Online gambling is generally legal in Canada, apart from some provincial and municipal restrictions. Except for a few nuances in Canadian law, citizens of this country are given considerable freedom to bet on sports, play poker or blackjack online.

Canada is considered to be a friendlier country for gamblers and gambling operators than the US. Canada as a whole seems to be more liberal to the idea of legal gambling. This is strange given that they border the United States to the south, whose government is rather anti-gambling.

Even in cases where online gambling has been banned by law, the federal government (as well as regional governments) has not prosecuted players for placing bets online. The local government is committed to protecting local regulated gambling platforms and encourages citizens to gamble on those platforms. If you live in Canada and want to place some form of betting online, you have nothing to fear, as long as you have reached the minimum player age set by your province.

There are now more than 450 licensed online casinos that accept the Canadian dollar as currency and use the English language. You can find a list of them at However, we remember that some Canadians speak French. So I checked and found that over 120 licensed sites support the Canadian dollar and offer software and customer service in French.